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Welcome to The Garden Insurrection!

❁Our gardens must become private nature reserves where we treat even the lowliest creatures as our welcome and respected friends. ❁ (The Therapeutic Garden by Donald Norfolk)
Natives vs. non-natives. Survival vs. starvation. The most important factor of gardening is to forget about pesticides and perfect gardens or lawns. We must fight for the survival of creatures who cannot do it for themselves. We must remember the bees and butterflies and all of natures quirky insects. It is impossible for a pesticide to pick and choose what it kills. You kill one, you kill them all. All these perfect knock-out roses that bloom all year, bug resistance, disease resistance. What you probably didn't even notice is that there is also no more fragrance, no more pollen, no more reseeding; nothing for the bees, butterflies, birds. I am sure they will figure out a way to put Fabreze in a rose bush.

I believe in using natives but I am also realistic because when you have visitors every morning who…